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Trainee Licence

"It is entirely possible to teach while training"

A "Pink" Trainee Licence, Could Be Your Answer

Not every profession allows you to train and earn at the same time, but when you decide to train to become a driving instructor you can do exactly that. 
Some people do give up their jobs and go full time on a trainee licence, but it wasn't designed for that.

Imagine having dual controls fitted to your current car and delivering 5 to 10 hours a week of driving lessons. Not only will the income generated from the lessons cover your costs of the car, fuel, insurance etc. But it will also help pay for your training and you will be gaining valuable experience.

Usually trainees will not charge a full amount to their pupil, but being able to make £100 to £200 a week in your spare time, comes very useful while training. 

Ask us how you can start on a Pink Licence.