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Taster Session

"Make sure you are making the right choice in becoming a driving instructor by taking our taster session"

TASTER SESSION For People thinking about being a driving instructor in Lincolnshire

Whatever your job right now from teacher to painter, and from being in the police to a factory supervisor, if you are looking for a change in career and thinking teaching people to drive could be a nice career, you need to make sure it’s the right choice for you. Our taster session is going to be perfect for you.

Many people will start taking training, investing their savings into learning how to become a driving instructor in Lincolnshire, only to find out later it really isn’t the career for them.
The right thing to do is to make the proper checks before you dive in and our taster session will do just that for you.
You will be able to bury a few of those concerns and have a clearer mind on how you want to proceed with your career.

What’s On Offer?

There are a few things you are going to experience.

1. You will see what a real lesson is like as you will be sitting in the back of a car in a number of driving lessons with real pupils.

2. At first hand you will see how a pupil learns and at times struggles. It can get quite tricky at times and this brings other pressures. We are mainly working with teenagers and young adults who have plenty on their plate as they take their first steps into the big wide world.

3. All learners are different, you will meet the shy ones and the really confident learners. All come with different challenged to the instructor and you’ll see how we change our styles to accommodate their needs.

4. As you go from one lesson to the next the driving instructor must start afresh, forgetting what happened in the last lesson and being totally neutral for the next.

5.  You’ll see how the instructor arrives early at the next lesson and starts to think about the pupil and possible objectives.

6. As we drive in between the lessons, you will have questions and we will discuss what happened in the lesson.

But there is another huge bonus for you.
You will be given a 2 hour advanced driving lesson.
You’ll start off being in the driving seat and asked to drive to a certain destination and along the way we’ll question your driving.

We are not going to be saying “do this, and do that”
But we’ll ask questions which make you analyse your driving so you can make assessments and adjustments.

What you will get is not just a lesson on how to drive like a driving instructor, but also an appreciation of how we teach. Telling you to do something works in some circumstances but not all. While asking you questions gets you to find the answers and that helps put together long term learning.

Our Offer To You

The taster session is just £99 and is great value.
You have the low cost, virtually risk free opportunity of discovering if being a driving instructor is for you, and whatever you decide you will have benefited from a 2 hour advanced driving lessons.

And if you decide to train with us, we’ll refund your £99 after you have taken 10 hours of driver training the next 2 hours are on the house.

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