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Driving Instructor Training In Spalding

In most jobs you can have transferable skills, but when you become a driving instructor in Spalding you can pretty much rip up the rule book, even most schools don't know how to run a successful business.

With driving test pass rates at 43% and with only 9% of all people wanting to become a driving instructor in Spalding qualifying, you need to read what we have got to say! You future depends on the next 4 minutes...

If you want to become a driving instructor in Spalding where do you take your training?

On the outside of the driving instructor profession
everything looks really glossy and rosy.
We are sure you have read how you can earn 
£30k a year, and you can...if you know how.

Bit first of all you need to work out how to become a 
driving instructor in Spalding, until you read this website
did you know only 9% of people who start
driving instructor training in Spalding will qualify.

The figure is a disaster and it has been brought about 
due to two factors.

1) Schools telling people how easy and what a great life style
you will lead if you become a driving instructor in Spalding.
It can be good, really good, but it doesn't suit everyone
and many people after paying a stack of cash
will stop their training.

2) Poor training from people with no or little experience.
Anyone can teach someone else to be a driving instructor,
no qualifications are required. So what sort of training 
do you get?

Some driving school trainers will ask you to go on 
Pay As You Go, and have lessons when you see fit.
Their idea is, they teach you a skill and you go away and practice it.
Then in a months time, you come back for more.

In any other industry can you find that type of training process?
It's a really bad way to train.

a) You go off track
b) You build in bad habits
c) You forget what is needed

Is Becoming A Driving Instructor In Spalding Really Right For you?

You have got to ask that question right now
are you sure driving instructor training in Spalding
is best for you and your family?

When you phone L On Wheels
we can have a chat over the phone
or we can arrange to meet - whatever is good for you.
And we'll ask you the questions you need to hear.

Of course we would love you to join our team
and qualify using our training methods
but first of all we need to check if being an instructor
is what you expect it to be.

We also run a full day taster session,
it involves you having a full day with our school
and you will sit in on real lessons.
You will also have a 2 hour advanced driving lesson.
That's a great way of working out if being
a driving instructor is for you.

Other Dangers Of Becoming A Driving Instructor In Spalding

There are 2 more pitfalls you must know about.

1. The pass rate for the final exam is 25% 
It's all about your ability to teach and only 
1/4 pass. That's simply down to bad training.
You do not know what to expect, 
and you are not aware of precisely how good you are.

2. Many people who qualify to be an instructor
are no longer giving lessons after 2 years.
Usually it is because they do not know how to run
a driving school business and can't make enough money

At L On Wheels we provide the solutions to all of these issues.

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