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Driving Instructor Training In Skegness

If you want to become a driving instructor in Skegness it is strongly advisable that you quickly start to learn the true insider story of driving instructor training in Skegness, because less than 25% of trainees pass their final test, many go broke and bust inside 2 years of passing, and only 9% of all people who start training end up passing?

We are going to give you the inside info you need...

The Best Driving Instructor Training In Peterborough You Can Find?

Speak to any driving instructor training company in Peterborough
telling them you want to start learning how to become a driving
instructor in Peterborough and they will book in your training.

However they will not tell you the hazards of training.

1. Around 90% of all people who start training - fail
2. Of those who get to their final test, 3/4 fail
3. Many newly qualified instructors go bust inside 2 years

That is the stark reality of driving instructor training in Peterborough.
While we would be delighted for you to join our 
driver training program for your lessons,
let's do this properly and fully examine 
if being  driving instructor is for you...

What Do You Need To Learn?

Anyone who want to become a driving instructor in Peterborough
has to take 3 tests, they are.

Part 1 - Advanced Theory Test
Part 2 - Advanced Driving Test
Part 3 - The Skills Of A Driving Instructor

However what you are not taught are the business skills
you may already come from a business background
or perhaps have a college or university business education
however none of that can prepare you for running a driving school.

There are 4 areas of a driving school business, 
marketing, sales, skills of the instructor, and pupil management.
When you take driving instructor training in Peterborough
only expect to be taught about the skills of the instructor,
and that's only 25% of the business.

At L On Wheels, we take you through our business training
to make sure you have the knowledge you need.
Upon passing your test, there is also the opportunity 
of working in our team which caters for
marketing and sales.

Why Do 90% Fail?

The question remains, when people taking
driving instructor training in Peterborough
how come so many are failing?
A 9% pass rate is appalling - why is it happening?

There are 2 problems...

1) The trainee discovers later that being an instructor isn't right for them
2) The training given by the school is poor

We do offer a full day taster session, we'll get onto that shortly
but let's look into poor training...

Did you know that any person, even a 16yr old without a driving licence
can legally teach someone to become a driving instructor.
More commonly though you will get a driving instructor offering services
to boost their own income.

You will be offered lessons on an "as and when basis"
which is supposed to suit your needs
and it seems really friendly and flexible - but is it any good?

With any type of training you need to practice
and you have to be in close contact with your trainer regularly.
Some people will take a lesson today
go away and practice and not see their trainer for 4 weeks.
Imagine what bad habits have been picked up.

This is why the failure rate is huge.
People don't know what its going to be like
and training is of the poorest quality generally speaking.

The Taster Session

Seems very exciting to start 
your driving instructor training in Peterborough
but is it for you?

Our full day taster session is going to be the perfect answer for you.
You will sit on real lessons
and have an advanced driving lesson.

For more details call now.