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The Franchise Option

"So You Can Concentrate On Teaching"

Driving Instructor Franchise In Boston, Peterborough, Sleaford and Spalding

Don't you think every driving instructor franchise in Boston, Peterborough, Sleaford and Spalding look the same?
You pay some money, and you get pupils.
Yes some schools offer CPD
That's if you want to take it.
And you may have pupil charges on top of the driving instructor franchise.

This is where L On Wheels is very different.
We'll be surprised if you can find another driving school franchise in Boston, Peterborough, Sleaford and Spalding that can offer what we do...

Can We Pay For Your Next Family Holiday?

It isn't easy being a driving instructor  despite what some people may say.
And many ADIs are over worked, working very long hours.
Just how many ADIs do you know who will work 7 days a week,
our guess is that most will at least do 6 days a week.

So we came up with this great idea of giving something back to you,
a free holiday! How good is that? 
Once you have completed 12 months of franchise payments,
we'll give you £250 of holiday vouchers.
You can choose from any travel company who offer a voucher scheme, 
such as Thompsons, and Ryanair and Thomas Cook.

All you have to do is let us know which company and we'll buy the vouchers for you to spend.

We Want To Reward You Even More

The DVSA is going down a path of making ADIs reveal their grades
and it can be quite stressful for a lot of instructors,
it's also very revealing and somewhat intrusive.

So what we at L On Wheels are going to do
is reward you every Christmas for being a Grade A instructor.
It works like this...

You have worked really hard, sending time, money and effort 
to improve your skills, and we think you ought to be rewarded for it.
So at every Christmas we'll give you the choice of holiday vouchers
or vouchers for more CPD, it's your choice.

It works like this.
You will receive £5 a week for every week 
you have been a Grade A instructor while 
working in the L On Wheels franchise. 
If you have been with us for a full year and been a grade A for all 52 weeks 
of the year, you are entitled to £260 worth of vouchers.

How Much Is The Franchise, And How Many Franchise Free Weeks Do You Get?

Firstly, we need to point out 
we can only take you on board 
if we have availability  and if you fit into our team.
You will need a bright and positive attitude 
and we hope your desire and willingness to be a Grade A
represents what we are looking for.

There are 2 Franchise options you can choose.

1. £80 a week, with all the features mentioned above,
but there are no franchise free holidays.

2. £86.66  a week, and you have all the features above ,
along with 4 weeks franchise free.
You accrue one week of franchise free for every 13 weeks paid.

We are the first driving school in Lincolnshire to offer such a rewarding model.

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