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Driving Instructor Training In Boston

The way we look at driving instructor training in Boston is actually very different most driver training companies. Before you start your training, we want to make sure if being  driving instructor is really for you.

While our pass rates are high due to the due diligence measures we take, only around 9% of people across the country who start their training actually qualify. We don't want you in that statistic.

The Best Driving Instructor Training In Boston?

The best driving instructor training in Boston are going to ask you one
question right at the very beginning, because it will save you a lot of time,
hassle and money. The question is just 3 words, "Are you sure?"

We are dedicated to driver safety and getting top results
and that means making 100% sure 
becoming a driving instructor in Boston is right for you.
Did you know that only 9% of people who start
their training actually finish and qualify.

So pleased be assured, while we would be delighted to work with you
we will give you a "warts and all" insiders look into the
world of being a driving instructor...


What Do You Need To Learn?

Go to any driving instructor training company in Boston,
and we are confident those people will only offer 3 parts
to the training program. These are the standard training modules
known as part 1, part 2 and part3.

Part 1 and Part 2 are advanced theory and driving tests,
part 3 is a test of your teaching skills.
No one mentions the HIDDEN PART 4
Which actually doesn't exist but is essential.

Part 4 is all about how you run a driving school business,
it s nothing like you will have every experienced.
Even if you have been a teacher, 
worked as a professional driver
or run another type of business,
this is totally different.

Many newly qualified driving instructors
will go bust inside the first 2 years of trading.
They will start with lots of energy but get hit by hidden pitfalls.

At L On Wheels
our training includes "driving school business sense" 
its our very own module where we show you
how to market, sell, and manage your clients
so you can get a busy and financially rewarding diary. 

Before You Pay For Training...

You may have been thinking about becoming a driving instructor in Boston
for some time now, and perhaps with the pressures or unhappiness of your 
current work situation, you feel now is the time to start.

Before you get out the credit and debit cards
we ask you to consider joining our full day taster session.
The taster session will give you a real insight
into what to expect from being a driving instructor.

From learning how to manage pupils
to discovering surprises that will happen on the day
you will get a true inside look into the world of being an instructor.

Driving instructor training in Boston does not come at a cheap price
and you will have to invest in yourself, so before you do
take a look at our taster course and get signed up.

Phone Now To Ask More About Living Your Ideal Career and Change Of Lifestyle

In just one page of our website we have given you
masses of information that you have not seen before.
While we are pleased you are excited at the prospect of starting
to learn to become a driving instructor in Boston, 
you really ought to give us a call.

By phoning L On Wheels
you can be assured we are not sales people
we just want to make sure you are "in the know" 
and doing the right thing for you and your family.

Please pick up the phone and call us today.